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We care about clean air 

The EPA appraises the air in our homes is multiple times more contaminated than the outside and studies show that particle generators can essentially diminish airborne infections and microorganisms in your home. This is the reason a non-customary air purifier, for example, the Nebelr Air Purifier Ionizer is needed to detox harmful air. 

Industry Leading Technology 

Nebelr has patented, proprietary technology that has brought about the making of negative particle generators with the most elevated yield in the business. Conventional negative particle generators are awkward and messy. Our innovation is perfect, productive, and current. 

At last bid farewell to filthy air 

Our front line Negative Ion air purifiers help you, your family, and your workers inhale clean air regardless of where you are. 


After broad examination and examination, they decided negative particle treatment with its not insignificant rundown of advantages, going from physical and mental prosperity to prevalent air sterilisation, was the ideal answer for tending to this issue. 

Our then recently made negative particle innovation turned into the seat mark for the business. Resolved to carry our innovation to the overall population we expected to determine a significant issue: traditional negative ion generators were large and inconvenient. 

Nebelr engineers anticipated a need to make an item that was littler and viable. Further advancement and reengineering of our innovation brought about more effective, littler, and more compact negative particle generators and after numerous long stretches of this cycle, the innovation of the Nebelr 10m was conceived. 

The summit of our endeavours, exploration, and vitality has brought about the production of the Nebelr. It is our plan to make a huge number of individuals mindful of the positive advantages of negative particle treatment and to encounter them direct with the Nebelr. 

The Technology 

Positive particles are atoms or intensifies that have a general positive charge. Flow research has indicated that positive particles are frequently connected with destructive exacerbates that produce adverse impacts to our bodies. 

A few instances of emphatically charged particles or mixes include: Airborne Chemicals (VOCs), Dust, Allergens, Bacteria, and Viruses. Positive particles are regularly found in encased conditions, for example, workplaces, structures, vehicles, ineffectively ventilated territories, exceptionally contaminated zones, and tragically the advanced home. A domain wealthy in sure particles have been appeared to diminish our general wellbeing and prosperity. 

Then again, negative particles have been experimentally watched and demonstrated to give a huge number of advantages to our bodies. Negative particles are atoms or exacerbates that have a general negative charge. Negative particles are normally found in the open air condition and are made by electrostatic marvels. 

They can be found in plenitude close to cascades, sea shores, and mountain springs. The raised state of mind and prosperity we experience when visiting these spots can be ascribed to these infinitesimal particles. Not exclusively negative particles add to our physical and mental prosperity yet in addition have a characteristic and ground-breaking air separating impact. 

Inverse charges pull in and by this system, negative particles tie to hurtful positive particles and decidedly charged mixes in our air space. When bound, the unsafe emphatically charged mixes become hefty and tumble to the ground; rather than breathed in into our lungs. 

In todays overpopulated world air quality is deteriorating and the wellbeing hazard related with filthy air are getting more extensive. 

The EPA gauges the air in our homes might be 2 to multiple times more contaminated than the outside and why a non-customary air purifier, for example, the Nebelr Air Purifier Ionizer, is expected to detox destructive air.


Negative ions are odourless tasteless molecules that are breathed into our respiratory system. Anion in air is like vitamin in food, greatly benefits people’s health and everyday routine, therefore it is also being referred to as vitamin in air, which can facilitate body growth and disease prevention by cleaning the Air around for a Fresh breathe.



Vertical Air flow makes effective release of 9 Million Negative Ions and increases the density of Negative Ions in the air and attaches to invisible harmful dust particles like PM2.5, PM10, to form into cluster and fall down on the ground, making them heavy and unable to fly in the air again. The negative ions also damage the bacteria, viruses and germs, to make them weak or dead, thus to make air purified and deodorized. So you are left with Clean and Fresh air in the room to breathe. It has NO FILTER as it does not collect any dust inside. NO MAINTENANCE required.




As testing Negative Ions requires Ion Tester which are expensive and not suggested for common users. We suggest a simple SUN RAY test, in which a customer can see the dust particles floating in the air in the sun rays comings into car or room. And when Nebelr is turned on, the dust particles reduces tremendously within 5-10 mins, depending on the Air quality.




Ionizers attracts airborne particles present inside of the car using IONS that are released from the device that attach to air molecules. These IONS attract harmful particles like PM2.5 and bad odours. This process cleans the air within your car and removes 99% of allergens, viruses and bacteria. A filter type of purifier uses multiple filters, where the first captures large particles. The second filter, which is normally the HEPA filter removes dust and other harmful particles, but not viruses or bacteria, and cannot remove smell or bad odour. Also, compared to Ionizer, filters create a second pollution by keeping the dust and other harmful particles on the filter pad.



1.    Reduce dust, smoke, mold, pollen, thus to fresh the air around you.

2.    Kills 99% of Germs, Viruses and Bacteria.

3.    Promotes metabolism, strengthens human body immunity.

4.    Relieve fatigue, improve your sleeping quality step by step.

5.    Reduces eyes irritation and headaches by absorption and shielding of electromagnetic wave radiation caused by releasing of harmful positive ions by electronic devices like computer screens.

6.    Enhance the ability to resist disease and stabilize your mood.



Its anion concentration per second is 10 million

Ozone concentration is 0.016mg/m3, far lower than 0.10mg/m3 of international standard. Capacity (CFM): 7.5. Nebelr is FCC, CE & RoHS certified.



It can clean the polluted Air within area of 30m3 within 15 mins of use approximately.



Harness the power of nature's air purifying mechanisms and breathe HEALTHIER AIR in your home with the breakthrough technology of the Nebelr. The Nebelr is backed by proven scientific case studies. Designed and engineered in Japan ensures that the Nebelr is modern, state of the art, and innovative. No other ionic air purifier even comes close to the negative ion output of the Nebelr, most other brands do not even cite their negative ion output.

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