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Japanese Negative Ion generator producing 10 Million Negative Ions

Use it at Home, Car or Office

Recommended by Doctors to use Nebelr Air Ionizer as a protective health gadget against the virus.

Avoids spreading of Viruses & Bacteria and purifies the Air.

Negative Ions has been scientifically tested globally by many renowned labs in closed environments like labs, hospitals, schools, corporate buildings, etc, Nebelr Ion Generator can help in reducing cross contamination and handling the virus positive cases. It can also ensure the well-being of the patients and staff, doctors & nurses, working in the quarantine facilities by improving their disease resistance power and reducing the chance of transmission from one person to another.

Essential product for your family's health. Prevents 99.9% cross contamination of Viruses.

Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer can kill 99.9% bacteria, germs & viruses to some extent by damaging or weakening at the molecular level, the surface protein of virus.

Various hospitals, corporate offices, schools and police department have shown interest in Nebelr Air purifier Ionizer and are willing to use it in their environment.

Air Ionizer purifies the air in a room by electrically charging air molecules. Many air purifiers use fans and filters to remove contaminants from the air. Air ionizers use ions to remove particulates, microbes, and dust from the air. Air Ionizers make the air in a room healthier for people to breathe, especially for people suffering from allergies, and other respiratory-related ailments.

What is an air ionizer? It is essentially a life-saver for anyone who uses one.

Nebelr Air Ionizer rely on the chemical properties of ions. An ion is a negatively or positively charged particle. What does an ionizer do? Air Ionizers create negative ions using electricity and then discharge them into the air. These negative ions attach to positively charged particles in the room, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens. The positively charged particles and negative ions bond together to create dense dirt particles that cannot float in the air. These heavier dirt particles fall to the ground and wait to be swept up at a later time. Some particles might fall onto other surfaces in the room, such as television screens, computers, countertops, and sofas. Homeowners can easily clean these surfaces by dusting or wiping them off with a rag.

Is an ionizer good for health?

Evidence shows that Air Ionizer purify the air of bacteria, dust and micro particles like PM2.5. Nebelr Air Ionizer can help relieve tension and help improve sleep patterns. According to Felix Gad Sulman, MD, the reported physiologic effects of negative ions have had remarkable benefits for those who used an air ionizer. These physiologic effects include decreased respiratory rate, decreased blood pressure, increased well-being, decreased skin temperature, increased resistance to infection, and more.

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